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Ego Fable
We sell anthroposophy and carefully selected products and ideas.

anthroposophy, human beings consist of four elements: the physical body, the etheric body, the astral body, and the ego/Ich.

With the passage of time, the four bodies mature, and the self is the unique part of human beings. Unlike other species, through the manifestation of the self, the keen thinking, the warm feelings and the determined will, let us understand the truthful human beings.
With "I", leads to its own inner world.

The Ego Fable inherits the role of the ego, constructs the ego with art, and tells the ego through a simple and
profound meaning story. It hopes for all travelers, whether they are short-term stays or long-term whispers. We accompanies the travelers to the road of understanding.

Therefore, each selected product carries an intent, a soul, the blessings of the creators, and sincere communication to everyone who has it.

Logo image
When there are leaves flying, the "fire" will born.
The "fire" carries self and regenerates new branches.
"Fire" will continue to shine on the forest.
"Fire" will penetrate the heart and soul, and will strengthen ego.

Logo is eight-leaf, four-color leaf. The leaves of different colors represent the four bodies of the human mind, “Physical Body”, “Etheric Body”, “Astral Body” and “Ego Organization”.

The leaves form a circle and keep turning, representing the four bodies in a dynamic and balanced space.